Wednesday, August 23, 2006

...In a Hand-Basket

As recently as this week, the California legislature has once again forced their own idea of morality on the unsuspecting residents who enroll their young children in public schools. A little back ground on what recently happened in the schools in my native state and gained media attention. In 2004, a graduate student gave a questionnaire about sexual awareness to a class of 2nd grade 7-year-olds without the knowledge of the parents. The test had been presented to the district without the sex questions, they were added back later by the test preparer. The parents were not informed of the change in the test, a young student informed his parents of the questions. The one question that was released to the media was something like "Has anyone ever touched your private area and if so, did you like the way it felt?" The justification for this line of questioning was to identify possible sexual abuse in the students. At the time, there was much uproar in the media about the questions, but to my knowledge, no action was taken against the student who authored the test or the district for allowing it to be presented to the children.

Now, there are two senate bills in California that would mandate teachers include the sexual orientation of persons in history in addition to their instruction. Why should those with children in other states be concerned? Many of the textbook manufacturers who write books for California will have to change their literature and they will supply those books to other states. Also, where California goes, so goes the nation.

SUMMARY: SB 1437 expressly prohibits textbooks, instructional materials, and school-sponsored activities from “reflecting adversely” on transsexuality, bisexuality, or homosexuality. Instructional materials could not only say “a husband and wife,” but must include “two wives who are married lesbians.” Sex education assemblies would have to include information on sex changes (to avoid “reflecting adversely”).

“Instruction in social sciences shall include the early history of California and an age-appropriate study of the role and contributions of both men and women, black Americans, American Indians, Mexicans, Asians, Pacific Island people, and other ethnic groups, and people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, to the economic, political, and social development of California and the United States of America, with particular emphasis on portraying the role of these groups in contemporary society.”
-- SB 1437, Sec. 1.

Since when did sexual orientation (or whatever the p.c. term is now) become applicable to American history? But wait, there's more! If this wasn't bad enough, SB1441 requires the same instruction be extended to PRIVATE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS including elementary, secondary, upper, college and university schools if they are receiving any state funding.

SUMMARY: SB 1441 requires recipients of California government funds to promote transsexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality.

I encourage you to read further on both issues on the web site Campaign for Children and Families. On their web site, I found a National Opt-out Letter to send to our school district. The letter is specifically graphic in the information my child is not to receive without my written approval. I also gave a copy to the school where my daughter attends and I included a cordial cover letter that informs the school I would like to make other arrangements for my daughter when these issues arise. It is irresponsible and unwise for me to delegate the sexual education and awareness of my children to our public schools at the discretion of their teachers and accept what they deem "age-appropriate". I will have to stand before God and be accountable for their instruction and I intend to keep His teaching foremost in their lives. Please leave me a comment if you would like a copy of the letter I gave to our principal.

Why would I continue to keep my children in public school, why not pull them out and home-school them? This issue does not dissuade my confidence in the ability of trained and dedicated professionals to educate my children. There are dynamic class and social functions that my children can only access through the public school and my ability to influence and educate other families is also a concern. Now is the time for parents who are "on the fence" to stand up and change the things they don't want taught or presented to their children, who are my neighbors and friends. This current struggle strengthens my conviction to be increasingly involved and ever present at the school. If my children were not attending public school, I would not have a vested interest in the education of impressionable young minds and I would not be personally involved at the school. After only two weeks, I am already on a first-name basis with the teacher, registrar, secretary and principal at our elementary school and have joined the PTA.

Still think this can't happen to your child because you don't live in CA? As reported on Fox News, a first grader in North Carolina came home with a picture book, King and King, from her school library. It's a story about a prince who marries his true love, another prince. The students parents expressed their concern regarding the contents for a six-year-olds reading, but the school principal, who views the matter as an issue of diversity, said what is "inappropriate" to one family may be "totally acceptable" to another. American culture has already become more tolerant of homosexual behavior, even the term "same sex marriage" removes the stigma the unchurched have with homosexuality. Unless you live on a mountaintop in Tennessee with no TV, radio or internet, then the influence of Hollywood, the media, and social situations will trickle-down to us all. What a state our country is in. Americans are in a unique position to change what we don't like the government doing with our tax dollars in public schools or anywhere. I hope more parents will be as outraged as I am if they are adequately informed and will take necessary legal action. I can't believe this is even an issue... sex education to kindergartners. This is not okay.

Authors note - It has taken me three days to finish this post. Every time I started writing I got so mad I couldn't type.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Back to School!

Whew! The summer is over, but not the weather... we are still in the fire furnace that is the Phoenix metro! We have been enjoying the evening thunderstorms, they cool it off for the kids to play outside in the rain and prepare for their baths. While we are getting ready for back to school for the kids, we are wishing they wouldn't grow up so fast!

Today was our oldests first day of 1st grade and her first full day at school. She was so excited for her first day, she woke up at 6:00 am and said, "Mommy, wake up, I'm going to be late for school!" I was really looking forward to sleeping another hour, but we got up and went to school, on time. I was worried she would be apprehensive about staying there after being home all summer, but I took her picture at her new desk and she smiled at me and said, "Bye Mom, see you after school!" What a big girl, way too soon for poor mommy! A big "thank you" to all those who prayed for her eye. God carried her little head to just the right spot when she fell. Praise Him, she has no damage to her eye! It is so much better than it was, and she hasn't been self-conscious about how it looks.

Our son had a fever yesterday, so he missed his first day of school for precautionary measures. He went to "Meet the Teacher" on Saturday and loved all the play-doh, play kitchen foods, cell phones (they have REAL ones!), and the big playground. He is so excited, his teachers are great, and he even has a friend from Church in his class! The day before his sister's accident, he was stung by a scorpion. We called poison control and they said as long as he didn't have an allergic reaction, there was no need for concern. He went right to bed and woke up the next morning as good as new. Things are usually good for this boy, he's a roll-with-the-punches kind of kid.

I had my appointment with Dr Altman today to talk about my chronic strep issues. I really liked him, and was very comfortable with our discussion. He was straight-forward about my three options, being; wait and see if I have another infection, have severe antibiotic treatment, or a tonsillectomy. He said he did not want to do the surgery, as there are more complications with adult elective surgery (I think adults just complain more), and it's possible I might never get another infection. However, his parting words were "Just call me if you want them out, I'll do it for you." So, the ball is in my court... if I do get another strep infection, I will have the surgery. Thank you all for your prayers, and continue to pray for our family, we love you all so much!