Tuesday, September 30, 2008

U.S. Capitol Visitor Center

The video above has a definite agenda and some of the facts about the flag ceremony aren't quite right. However, I believe the information about the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center are accurate and unsettling. So much so that I sent the following letter yesterday to the House:

To whom it may concern,
I have just completed watching a video on YouTube which lists some facts that have been purposefully omitted in the new visitor center at the U.S. Capitol. I am particularly disturbed that the line "In GOD We Trust" was left off the replica of the inside of the House chamber.

The religious references in the history of the United States of America were one of the driving forces behind the creation of this country. Our Founding Fathers were so convicted by the right to religious freedom that had been denied in England, due to the forced religion of the Church of England and persecution of Quakers and Pilgrims who opposed it, that they chose to fight for independence. The separation of Church and State they enacted was not to keep religion out of government, but to keep government from forcing membership to the state sanctioned Church as they had experienced in England.

I fear that what I see happening in the U.S. today is the same "forcing of religion" only now is viewed as "reverse" discrimination. By omitting religious facts from history to encourage to the views of the Atheist, we are approaching the same intolerance of freedom of religion that our country was founded to protect.

I respectfully request the errors in the historical facts are rectified prior to the opening of the Visitor Center to ensure all those who enter receive an accurate representation of the history of the United States of America.

Thank you for your consideration.
Laura Shewmaker

If you choose to send a letter also to americanvoices@mail.house.gov, it is always in your best interest to state the facts for your argument rather than your feelings. Facts are steadfast and infallible, feelings are subjective and wain.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Here's A Thought...

A commentary by Joseph Farah from WorldNet Daily. I wish I'd thought of this:

My bailout plan
Posted: September 29, 2008, 1:00 am Eastern

Congress is beginning debate on a $700 billion plan for U.S. taxpayers to bail out banks, mortgage companies and investment firms that made bad loans to unqualified consumers, including illegal aliens, and became insolvent as a result.

Officials say this plan is designed to protect us from further harm and to prop up the teetering economic system the government has created.

I have a better idea.

Let's not put more money into the hands of those who created the problem. Let's put the money into the hands of the people who were victimized. Why should the victims pay twice and the victimizers get off scot-free?

Here's my plan:

1. Those who bled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac dry by lying about the government-created mortgage companies' real worth so they could secure billions in personal bonuses should make restitution. They should be forbidden from ever holding any government job or position in the financial world for the rest of their lives.

2. Anyone who made more than $1 million a year in the other failed banks and institutions should be forced to contribute all their income in excess of $1 million a year to my bailout program.

3. The chairmen of the Senate and House banking oversight committees should be forced to resign in disgrace from their positions.

4. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., who literally started the first bank run in California with his irresponsible public statements, should be forced to resign from the Senate.

5. All candidates for federal political office who received contributions from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or any executives of those institutions, or the other failed banking, mortgage and investment firms, should be required to give the money to the bailout fund.

6. Since the Bush administration is trying to sell the idea that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac actually hold assets of greater value than the cost of their proposed bailout, I suggest they auction those institutions off to the highest private bidders.

7. Instead of paying $700 billion to prop up the institutions that created the mess, I propose $700 billion be paid directly to those victimized by the scandal – the American people – in the form of a tax cut. This would stimulate the economy and help the country grow its way out of this crisis.

I'm sure this plan has a few holes in it. That's because I made it up in about 15 minutes.

But I'm also certain it is far better than any official plan being floated in Washington today.

So, I'm asking you to get on board. Make amendments if you like. But tell those scoundrels in Washington stop picking your pocket and your children's pockets with this bailout of the banking class.

If my business goes belly up because of bad decisions I make in running it, no one is going to bail me out. I fail to see why businesses thousands of times bigger than mine should face no risk and, in effect, be insured against mistakes and bad judgment by the taxpayers of the United States.

This is not the way the free market works.

What is at stake in this bailout scheme is not just amounts of money few of us can even imagine. What is at stake is not just massive tax increases in the future. What is at stake is not just rewarding criminals and shysters. What is at stake is whether America will protect the last vestiges of a free enterprise system for our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

No more quick fixes that, in fact, cost us far more in the long run.

No more cover-ups of wrongdoing.

No more rewarding the worst kind of fiscal irresponsibility.

Support the Farah plan.

More About Fannie

Here's a commentary by John Gibson on Fox News about campaign contributions Barack Obama received from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This was before discussion of a bail-out began.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who's Fault Is It?

So where do we put the blame for the current crisis? It appears McCain warned about the housing crisis and the need to regulate Fannie and Freddie, but the blame for the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the American public who greedily took advantage of the inflated prices in the housing market. The responsibility must be taken up by those who purchased homes they could not afford (and they knew it!), bought shiny new cars, new boats, new clothes, ate at fancy restaurants... all purchased on credit.

Don't be fooled, the current planned federal bail-out is only a Band-Aid slapped on the wound of American selfishness and greed. Until people suffer for their own decisions and learn to live within their means, we are doomed to see this cycle repeat in another 20 years.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Communist Corruption

Last week, the Chinese government recalled massive quantities of powdered milk used to make infant formula after the deaths of 6 infants and the illness of 6500 others. Today, the number of babies sickened by tainted powdered milk is over 53,000. The thought of that many children made ill by the corruption of the industry (and the government who has allowed it) makes me want to cry. The recall was issued when it was discovered the milk was bulked with melamine to mask that water had been used to stretch the pure milk farther. When ingested, melamine causes reproductive damage, or bladder or kidney stones, which can lead to bladder cancer. After more investigation by the Chinese, it has been released that the tainted milk product is not limited only to powdered formula, but also in liquid milk in distribution throughout China.

The Chinese government might have been able to convince the world this was just a horrible mistake and they are able to guarantee the safety of their food products if not for the pet food recall of 2007 after 8500 dogs and cats all over the world suffered renal failure from eating pet food manufactured in China that was tainted with melamine.

Communism is all about big government regulating what is best for the "unfortunate common people" because the government doesn't believe the people are educated enough to make decisions on their own. I think it sounds a lot like the current Democratic platform on Universal Healthcare in America.

The USFDA has issued a warning for American's not to purchase any milk based products from China until further notice.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Cuter Than Both

Michelle Obama has gone on to say she really was referring to herself when she used the word "cute", and she was not talking about Vice Presidential candidate, Governor Sara Palin. Unfortunately, the clip above cuts off before her comment, "I'm talking about me." She said this after she understood the enthusiasm of the crowd implied they knew she was referring to Sara Palin. Just like the "lipstick on a pig" comment made by her husband, the audience appeared to be one step ahead of Michelle Obama.

The problem both Michelle and Barack have so easily demonstrated is they should not be involved in town-hall style meetings with no tele-prompter or cue cards to avoid such mishaps as these. Neither have the eloquence nor dynamic personality of John McCain, nor his personal convictions to be able to speak from the heart with honesty and integrity on all issues. The infamous interview with Pastor Rick Warren was the beginning of the awakening of America to the inability of Senator Obama to speak unscripted in his own words.

I think one of two situations are at play here. The first is Michelle Obama is a genius to not directly say that she loathes the attention Governor Palin is taking from her husband, and so she let the media take over to drive her one comment to the top of the talk. The second is she doesn't have a clue how politics work. She isn't running for anything and her opinion shouldn't be important to anyone unless she is talking about being the mother of two beautiful girls and the wife of a politician running for President.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


True to my typical ad-lib style of cooking, this "dish" has no real recipe. My inspiration for meals starts by reading recipes online to get ideas for ingredients and cooking times and temperatures. Then I do my own thing with what I have on hand and make a recipe mine. I only follow a recipe or measure quantities of ingredients if I'm making a cake. Anything else I make is seasoned to my own taste and it's always delicious, or so I've been told!

So, here's how I used up some of my super fresh veggies from the produce co-op for lunch today...

1 eggplant cut into 1/4 inch rounds
3 tomatoes cut into 1/4 inch rounds
2 bell peppers chunked
4 zucchini squash chunked
garlic powder
dried basil
kosher salt
olive oil
5 sprigs fresh rosemary *I don't think the rosemary added any flavor, I just try to use it a lot because it grows like a weed in my yard

Cut and salt the eggplant and let stand for one hour. Dust off water from eggplant and place one layer in bottom of casserole dish that has been coated with olive oil. Top with zucchini, peppers and tomato. Sprinkle with garlic powder, basil and salt (to taste). Repeat layering veggies and seasonings until you don't have any left. Place rosemary on top and drizzle with olive oil. Bake covered in preheated 350 oven for 40 minuets.


Obama and Abortion

This post is not about the issue of abortion being against the law of God. For information about abortion and God's word, see my post Life. This post is about babies who are born alive after an attempted abortion, which is referred by the administering doctor as a "complication" of the abortion procedure, and Senator Obama's stance on the care and welfare of those babies. Or lack thereof.

Abortion procedures performed in the first trimester (usually before the 9th week) are Medicinal Abortion by taking several drugs to induce labor and cause a "miscarriage", or Suction Curettage (or vacuum aspiration) in which a long plastic tube connected to a suction device is inserted into the uterus to suction out the fetus and placenta. These procedures are not survivable by the baby.

Abortion procedures performed in the second and third trimester are Suction Curettage (or vacuum aspiration) and Induction Abortion in which salt water, urea, or potassium chloride is injected into the mother's uterus causing chemical burns to the baby with the intent the baby will die while still in the womb. Birth is then induced by pitocin being given to the mother via IV to cause contractions and laminaria is inserted into the vagina to cause dilation of the cervix for delivery of the dead baby.

However, if the baby survives an Induction abortion and is born alive, the doctor may then decide to terminate life by inflicting one of the following on the baby:

1. Suffocation by drowning.
2. Strangulation or stabbing by the hand of the doctor.
3. Exposure by leaving the baby unattended.

Senator Obama voted against a state bill to mandating doctors to give medical attention to the viable breathing baby who by some miracle has survived an induction abortion. By sanctioning neglect of an infant, the doctor has government approval to participate in infanticide by one of the preceding methods.

It is my hope and prayer that education on these abortion procedures and Senator Obama's support of denial of medical attention to babies who survive abortion will cause a great cry by people who are shocked these procedures still exist in a civilized society.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Here's What I Know

Barack Obama's paternal grandfather converted from Christianity to Islam while schooling in England and changed his given Kenyan Luo tribal name to Hussein Onyango Obama. Barack Obama's father married his first Kenyan wife and fathered four children. They were never divorced. Obama Sr. moved to Hawaii for university schooling and although he was still married to his Kenyan wife, he fathered the son of Ann Dunham, Barack Hussein Obama II. Barack Obama Jr attended an Indonesian Islamic school from age 6 to 10 where he recited Islamic prayer and was taught how to read by using the Koran.

Barack Obama's father is from the Luo tribe, the same Kenyan tribe as Raila Odinga, the current Prime Minister of Kenya. Odinga was appointed to office due to a violent uprising after unfounded accusations of corruption in the Presidential election in December 2007. There is some evidence the slaying of 1500 Kenyan Christians (who supported incumbent President Mwai Kibaki) was sanctioned by Odinga himself. While it does not appear Senator Obama is a blood relative of PM Odinga, Senator Obama's campaign association with Odinga should not be viewed as a positive element to his campaign for US President.

Barack Obama gained access to the US Senate seat for Illinois due to the release of sealed divorce documents of his Republican opposer Jack Ryan. Mr Ryan withdrew from the race to fill the senate seat previously occupied by two term Republican Peter Fitzgerald when the divorce documents revealed Mr Ryan had a sexual addiction that led to the divorce. For several months, Mr Obama ran for senator unopposed and worked to persuade Republican voters to elect him to office. Senator Obama was elected by 70% majority to the US Senate where he has served a scant 3 years.

Although America was star-struck by Senator Obama's dynamic speech delivery early in the race for President, the winds of "change" have swept in and Americans are becoming educated about this man who appeared out of nowhere to claim the Democratic nomination for President.

For those who will hear, be warned this man is not who is presented to be. He is a charlatan and a puppet, but for what purpose has yet to be seen.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bountiful Baskets

I just picked up my first produce basket from Bountiful Baskets food co-op. I have to say, I am impressed. All the produce is at or near perfect ripeness and ready to eat.

Here's what's in the picture:
6 ears of corn
1 eggplant
2 bell peppers
1 sandwich bag full of green beans
2 heads of broccoli
7 tomatoes
6 bananas
6 peaches
6 apples
5 plutos
1 basket strawberries
1 cantaloupe
1 bag of green grapes

All for $15... wow. I'll be prepping the food and menu planning today to use all the wonderful fresh fruit and veggies this week. I'm so excited! If you live anywhere in the Phoenix metro valley, I highly recommend getting on board. With quality as good as this, you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

There She Stands

May we never forget the events of September 11, 2001.

May God bless George W. Bush for keeping America safe from terrorist attacks for the past seven years.

May God bless America.

Oh Snap!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Corn Is Taking Over

Years ago, I watched a documentary about US government subsidizing for corn farmers. I was aghast thinking my tax dollars were given to farmers with the specific instruction not to grow crops. The thought still makes me mad. A large portion of what is allowed to grow and be harvested is processed into high-fructose corn syrup or corn syrup solids and put in most food produced in the US. It is surprising to me corn farmers would be in favor of advertising corn products since they have been paid to sit on their land for years without having to work. Doesn't this mean a change in lifestyle from their life of ease?

(I'm not sure what point the YouTube poster was trying to make with the extra 'stuff' after the ads, I apologize for the inconvenience.)

This advertisement from the corn industry makes it sound like corn syrup is just fine and dandy (nevermind the punch she is holding probably contains a large quantity of Allura Red which has been linked to childhood hyperactivity and is banned in Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Austria... but I digress). After thinking about what I saw in the TV ad, it is obvious most American's don't know what high-fructose corn syrup is and the need to avoid massive consumption in our diet.

It is very difficult to find anything in the supermarket that doesn't have some corn in it. For my friends with corn allergies, I wish you all the best in your efforts to find foods you can tolerate!

My background in biology and chemistry comes in handy when reading and understanding biological information, but the effects of high fructose corn syrup are not complicated chemical reactions.

Here are some of the basics:
Fructose is a naturally occurring sugar found in honey, fruits and grains such as corn. Eating fructose in it's natural state is very well processed by the body. When you eat whole fruit, the body breaks down the fructose and takes in the vitamins along with fiber and the sugar.
High-fructose corn syrup is not a naturally occurring sugar. Massive consumption of concentrated sugars, like high-fructose corn syrup, has been linked to contributing to medical illnesses such as diabetes at a higher rate than even table sugar. Much of the foods we eat in America every day contain large amounts of high-fructose corn syrup.
Table sugar, whether derived from cane or beets, is also a processed chemically treated food and not a naturally occurring substance as a white crystal. In 1957 British scientist John Yudkin made a link between consuming refined sugar and coronary heart disease.

Just like exposure to plastics outside our home is beyond our control, so our exposure to processed refined sugars is difficult to limit. Since without an allergy to corn I would be uncomfortable imposing my non-corn syrup request on someone who has invited our family to dinner (like the mom in the commercial did at a party), here's how we're limiting our concentrated sugar intake in our house:

1. We do not consume fruit drinks or soda. The children and I only drink milk, water or 100% fruit juice.

2. We eat whole fruit or fruit sauce (such as applesauce) without added sugar.

3. We do not eat white bread. I have just joined a food co-op and I'm eagerly waiting for my first order of all-natural wheat sandwich bread this Saturday!

4. I will only cook with raw sugar or honey from now on (after I run out of the 5 lb bag of cane sugar I just bought!)

Although we have always done the first three points, the fourth will be a change for me, hopefully for the better!

Author's Note
I suppose it is possible the corn farming industry is looking out for the health of their customers (which is all Americans not growing our own food), even their commercial admits sugar must be consumed in moderation. The trouble is, so much of the food available for purchase in the supermarket contains high-fructose corn syrup that it is almost impossible to heed this advise.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Only four days after the close of the Republican Convention the gloves have come off. Senator Obama has reverted to fourth-grade name calling for the critique of his opponent who, by the way, is not Governor Palin but Senator McCain. It appears Senator Obama is desperate to try to take down anyone he can reach.

Mud-slinging in the pig pen of politics has begun.

Update 9/10/08
Although Senator Obama's representatives are on damage control claiming he was using a common metaphor in his address and not comparing Governor Palin to a pig, it is clear the attending audience made the comparison.

Either the entire audience (including anyone who has watched the YouTube video) misinterpreted his intention, or Senator Obama is very naive and not very bright. Regardless, the Senator owes Governor Palin an apology and then needs medical attention to remove his foot from his mouth.

Friday, September 05, 2008

One Reason I Don't Watch Oprah

Although Oprah Winfrey has made a public statement that she is not going use her program as a platform to interview politicians, the photo above clearly shows Barack Obama making an appearance on her show.

I completely understand that it is the "Oprah" show and that Ms Winfrey is free to have anyone she wants on her show, it's her show! She has publicly made her choice for a Presidential candidate and is not open to the idea of presenting a journalistic program which would require her to give equal interviews to all Presidential candidates and their running mates.

As a mother of three children (one still at home full-time) I don't have the luxury of time to watch any other entertainment shows to balance the liberal opinions I would receive from watching Ms Winfrey's program. I have decided to skip the hour of Oprah and actually do something productive for my family (like laundry, dishes, dinner, etc... you get the point.) Her endorsement of one candidate has made it obvious to me where her values lie, I don't need to continue to watch her program to have it confirmed.

After the election I might have time to detail many of the other reasons I dislike the Oprah show, from the entitlement of "My Favorite Things" to Eckharht Tolle and his misguided total embrace of New Age religion. Then again, I don't know if I really want to open that can of worms.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

On Life... Again

The issues being discussed for America in the upcoming Presidential election have prompted me to look at political morality again and measure where each candidate stands. I have tremendous respect for teen mothers who chose to carry their babies to term when the option of abortion is readily available and seems the easy way out of an embarrassing confrontation... especially if you mom is the Republican Vice Presidential nominee.

Over a year ago I wrote a post titled Life about abortion and the Biblical evidence against it. Although I was told I was completely wrong by some Christians for using Old Testament scripture, they were not able to persuade me against the clear message in God's Word that taking the life of an unborn child, whether by accident or intent, was punishable by death.

An article from Stand To Reason written in 1999 is staggering in comparing abortion supporters to Nazis but draws some very clear lines to link the two. The site Abort 73 is working to educate women about the procedure of abortion and what an aborted fetus looks like.

After education on true abortion procedure and the sale of aborted fetuses, Christians must not keep quiet any longer. We need to educate all women on these practices. Then we have to be ready to step up and offer viable options to killing millions of people before (and sometimes after) their first breath.

Please pray for ways you can make a difference in the life of a woman facing this decision with the love of Jesus Christ. The precious life God created should be left in His hand.

Matthew 19:13-14

13 Then some children were brought to Him so that He might lay His hands on them and pray; and the disciples rebuked them.

14 But Jesus said, "Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Update 9/3/08
Here's an excellent article titled Legislating Morality from apologist and educator Frank Turek, outlining the urgent need for Christians to become involved in current politics.