Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Craft Day!

We are having a great summer. Craft day is always a big hit with the kids, although some have more patience to finish a project than others.

More summer pics coming soon!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Long Time, No Blog

Until now I didn't have anything to write that I wanted everyone in the world to read... until I tried Coppertone Continuous Spray sunscreen. It is amazing. The Shewmakers were boating with the Parker boys on Bartlett Lake in Tonto National Forest for 6 hours last Saturday and no one got even slightly pink. That's not a big deal for my kids that have Dan's ability to tan with ease. I, however, am Scotch-Irish and do NOT tan. I sprayed this sunscreen on when I arrived on the boat and didn't reapply it for 4 hours. When we got home that afternoon, I didn't even have a hint of a sunburn.

Now the bad news. It was expensive (the cheapest I have found it was $8, which is what I paid at Walmart) and the can won't last nearly as long as the lotion sunscreen you have to rub in. Also, you shouldn't spray it on your face as the alcohol in the spray that causes it to dry quickly can burn eyes. On our faces I used Coppertone Water Babies lotion SPF 50 for the kids and Hawaiian Tropic Oil Free Faces SPF 30 for myself. Those were my only "downs" to the spray sunscreen and they are heavily outweighed by the easy spray application (especially on the kids), it dries almost immediately, and best of all no one got sunburned!

So, hopefully there's some useful summer shopping advise on sunscreen from a mom who found one that is really convenient and really works.


Kate and Daddy in the water, thanks again Jeff!